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    Strategy Led Executive Consulting

    Ideation, Market Validation, Product Definition, Business Plan, Pitch Decks, Branding/Marketing, Competitive Intelligence, Commercialization Modeling, Growth/Scale, Investment Support/Investor Relations


    Software Development

    Development Structure/Scope of Work, Tech Specs, Production Oversight, Design Sprints, Build/Create/Prototype, Review/Test (UI/UX, WebEff, QA), Launch Strategy/Growth, Code Audits, On-Demand or Dedicated Resources


    Who We Work With:

    Digital and Disruptive Tech Companies:

    • Web Platforms
    • Software
    • Games & Apps for Mobile
    • Cloud

    Emerging Tech Entrepreneurs:

    • AI/Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence)
    • AR/VR (Augmented & Virtual Reality)
    • Fintech/Blockchain
    • Medtech/Biohealth/Biosimilars
    • Sensors/IoT
    • Drones
    • Robotics

    Charities & NonProfits:

    • Impact & Scale - create sustainable new social initiatives

    Corporate & Existing Businesses:

    • Grow/Innovate/Transform - stay relevant to increasing technology curve
  • How We Work

    Our Entrepreneur Ecosystem

    If you have an idea or an existing company and need help, or if you work with start-ups and entrepreneurs - we want to hear from you!


    If you're an investor, or a fund; an influencer, policymaker, mentor, or thought-leader; an incubator/accelerator; or a foundation/endowment - let's talk!



    Work-for-Hire Strategic Executive Consulting and Software Development for Digital & Disruptive Start-ups


    A Complete Fund Platform to Address Needs of Entrepreneurs + Innovators + Investors Focused on Community & Exponential Potential of Digital Ideas, Disruptive Technologies, & Emerging Markets.

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  • Who We Are

    We're headquartered in Los Angeles.

    We work out of LA, SF, Miami, and NYC.

    We are: Entrepreneurs. Developers. Dreamers.

    Visionaries. Artists. Collaborators. Creatives.

    Tech Geeks. Creators. Makers. Do'ers.

    Epic. Fun. Change Agents.

    Amy Freeborn



    Amy has a long history of entrepreneurial endeavors. Her ability to bridge the divide between traditional and innovative business practices has led to the successful launch and exit of several ventures. She started working for McKinsey when she was 17 and sold her first company when she was in her early twenties to WebMD. She's been involved in another 6 start-ups since then - most recently as the CEO of a 360-3D VR camera company. Her experience helming disruptive start-ups across a multitude of verticals brings a strong vision for the converging worlds that ANDR8MEDA is playing in. She is extremely driven to create an environment where other entrepreneurs can get the resources they need, when they need them, in a way that is TRULY useful. In her past student life she attended Georgetown and then Harvard - customizing her Master's focus in Cognitive Intelligence and the Psychology of Creativity. She spends her free time reading sci-fi, studying neural nets, and absorbing all things AI and Savant Syndrome.

    Joel Fashingbauer


    Joel is a seasoned product and operations executive in the software development
    industry. He has worn many hats: founder, gaming executive producer, mobile app executive producer, chief creative officer (the list goes on). He has previously held leadership positions in notable companies such as LeapFrog Toys, Electronic Arts, Activision and Atari - managing teams from 10-100 people. He has been credited on over 100 products including Call of Duty, Madden Football, Skylanders and AdColony. In 2013, Joel co-founded and was COO of Silicon Springs Ventures, an incubator helping early stage companies succeed in the marketplace.

    Rich Silveira


    Rich is a senior executive and serial-entrepreneur having held multiple positions in the C-Suite in several notable start-up and early stage companies. He has over 25 years of general management, finance, marketing and sales experience with technology, consumer, internet and entertainment-edutainment companies. His diverse business background has helped companies identify niche markets, develop and commercialize new products, and initiate successful business alliances and partnerships. He served as Co-Founder and CEO of Interactive Imagination creating the Magi-Nation IP which has been monetized across interactive games, action figures, a collectible card game, and cartoons (WB Kids - Sat. Mornings). As CFO and then CEO of Squaresoft, he successfully expanded the popular Japanese RPG franchise Final Fantasy in the USA and European markets - growing it into a global brand. Rich relaxes collecting wine and playing golf.

    Dr. Alexandra Duisberg

    Head of Global Strategic Partnerships


    Alexandra's ultimate goal as a doctor and an entrepreneur is to improve access to quality care and innovate the platforms with which medicine is administered and practiced. This vision led her to co-found ANDR8MEDA as a way to exponentially increase her reach by working to help other entrepreneurs with similar drive for change and impact. Alexandra is passionate about solving challenges in global health, particularly in the field of social entrepreneurship. She graduated from University of Pennsylvania Medical School and studied business and bioengineering at UC Berkeley/Haas School of Business. Having grown up in 11 different countries across four continents she brings unique international perspective and reach to her work and the ANDR8MEDA team. Her recent endeavors range from extending the cold chain vaccine in Ghana to launching a LatAm non-profit to assist children born with clubfoot. Before that she was in healthcare investment banking at Morgan Stanley. She is fluent in both Spanish and Polish. In her spare time she volunteer coaches at-risk youth figure skating (she also spent 8 years with the Polish National Figure Skating Team training for the Olympics before college).

    Jenna Liddell

    Head of Investor Relations

    Jenna’s past has taken her through the worlds of stem-cell transplantation, cardiac disease, and cancer research. She worked for Pfizer and then Baxter Healthcare, in the US and Asian markets. Augmenting her medical and product-to-market oriented background she has blazed through the fundraising trail supporting the boards of various non-profits and social charities in the San Francisco metropolitan area. She is passionate about education, innovations in healthcare, and creating exponential value via connecting like minded people. She is a graduate of the University of Southern California and currently resides in San Francisco.

    Suzanne Zudiker

    Managing Director

    Charity & Corporate Innovation

    Suzanne is responsible for strategy and partnerships between non-profits and corporations. She heads development of CSR campaigns and leads our corporate innovation offerings. She ran a boutique charity consulting firm in LA for 4 years before ANDR8MEDA. She brings experience in marketing and a background in luxury branding with extensive knowledge of PR and event planning. She has previously worked with The New York Times & Hyperion Publishing among others. Suzanne has a BA in Political Science from San Diego State University and a Master's Degree in Business from Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. After graduation, Bocconi hired her to conduct a market research report which is still used as teaching material to all future graduates of the masters program. She also studied at Oxford University in England with a focus on International Politics. She is conversational in Italian and is a certified professional sommelier.

  • About Our Company

    We're on a mission to co-create dreams and positively impact the world.
    We believe in collaboration. We believe in 'cooper-tition'. We believe in community.

    Here's why we do what we do:

    Media + Tech Convergence & Timing = HUGE Opportunity

    In the next 10 years 3 BILLION more people are going to come online. Emerging markets are booming. Industries are being turned upside down overnight. Exponential technologies are accelerating tipping points and changing the dynamics of the business landscape as we know it, almost too fast to keep up. In short, we are living in an AWESOME time to build companies, to think outside the box, and to create real change!

    Passion Culture

    We eat, breathe, and die disruptive tech. Ok, well, maybe we don't die but we definitely don't sleep (much)! We created ANDR8MEDA because it is a way for us to share our excitement and passions with you. We love building companies. From design thinking, to the sum is more than the parts, we incorporate our values into every suggestion. We don't just guide you on how to do it - we live it. You will see this constantly in working with us, we are the embodiment of the principles we have built our company around.

    Consilience - When Worlds Collide

    The right groups of people sharing ideas, inspiration, and drive will create more impactful outcomes than going it alone. We know this. We've been there first hand. Our cell-oriented collaboration approach allows for maximum focus on efficiency and the effectiveness you need to grow. In the start-up world coming up with the BEST next step or idea, in the shortest amount of time, is critical. Now more so than ever.


    We have the expertise and the knowledge to get you to your company's next big milestone. We help you navigate crucial stages smoothly to ensure success. From ideation to validation, from launch to growth, from investor relations and initial funding to exit strategies - we assist wherever you are in your trajectory with proven methodologies and data-driven strategies for optimum results.

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    The Andromeda Reports on Disruptive and Digital Technologies

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